By purchasing any of the products which are listed on our store, you will be becoming a supporter towards our server! This will help us with running the server as it is not easy to maintain it for free, as we have to consider the amount of time we put into the server, monthly fees of renting the hardware and paying for all of the premium plugins you get to enjoy for being apart of our amazing community.

To purchase any of the products on our store, Helios uses the PayPal gateway as a way of processing all of the payments which are made towards our server. The gateway allows you to pay with either your PayPal balance or with your Credit/Debit Cards. If by any chance you do not have a PayPal account which you can use, you can pay using your Credit/Debit Card by selecting the option 'Pay with a debit or credit card.'  when you checkout with PayPal.

Finally, we thank you for purchasing any of our products as it helps us massively to be able to run Helios as the costs of running a server are not cheap. If you are intending on buying any of our products please ensure that you are financially stable to be able to make that purchase.